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Horse Photography Service Right Here in Saskatoon!

In Saskatoon, many own horses with the level pastures, warm summers, and centralized location. Whether for professional shows or as a pet, horses are part of our lives.

With a variety of personalities, myriad colors and patterns, sizes, and abilities, immortalizing your horse(s) with a professional photography session will create a visual memory of a lifetime. If you need photos to show your horse professionally, it’s good to hire someone with the knowledge, background, and ability to get the best shot for your needs.

If the thought of finding the right photographer for the job feels intimidating, please allow me to address those fears and why you should choose a professional for the job.

Why Choose a Professional

With the fantastic camera abilities of smartphones, the use of personal DSLRs, or an old point and shoot, many can take plenty of pictures of their four hooved fur babies. And those pictures will last a lifetime of a particular moment in time.

A professional shoot, however, will bring composition and lighting expertise, plus a knowledge of how to handle a complex camera to bring out the best in your horse photos. With your help, we can create a series that highlights their personality, beauty, and elegance. And there is always the ability to add you into the picture without worry that it will be off-center, lighting, color, or accidentally missing a part of your horse’s head.

The Right Equipment

Several types of lenses can help expand those shots of your horse. Whether it’s for a professional shot or a more spontaneous photograph, I have the right equipment to capture the best, or the silliest, side of your horse.

The growth of camera abilities in many of our smartphones means a wonderful surge in photos of everything in life but many do not understand shutter speed, how to use lighting, how to focus on various objects and subject to create a picture that will speak to the person looking at the picture.

A smartphone, older camera, or a personal DSLR also will not bring out the best professional shot if you need to use the photo for specialized needs such as sales or advertisement for breeding.


Trying to get the right shot can be frustrating when working on your own, and it may compromise the safety of you and your horse. By following your lead on handling, and working together, we can ensure safety for your horse and you.

Movement Photos

It can be tough to get the photos of your horse in motion when working without the right camera, lens, or ability to quickly change as the light does. With your handling skills and my photography expertise, we can get the perfect photo of your horse in different movements, locations, and backgrounds. Horses in motion can showcase their elegance, their beauty, and their breed traits. With the two of us, we can capture the right angle and create breathtaking memories in pictures.

Your Schedule

One of the great things about hiring a professional like us here at Saskatoon Pet Photos is that we will work at your convenience. You will know when your horse is at their best and we can discuss a location that is easiest for you. With more than a dozen photographers in Saskatoon and only a handful that will work with pets, I’m dedicated to helping you create some of the best horse photos.

Contact Us and Let’s Create the Perfect Photos

When you’re ready to create next-level photos of your horse(s), contact us and learn more. By working together, we can create a memorable day filled with a focus on you and your horse. 

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