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Every dog lover has their favorite things they do with their dog. It might be going to the lake and chasing the birds. It could be cuddling on the couch and watching TV. Many people also have their favorite doggy life stage, as well. These are those times in a dog’s life where they pass through various stages from puppyhood to senior dog. Some dog owners especially love the wiggly energy of a slurpy-tongued puppy. Other people prefer that time of life when an older dog can sit quietly on the porch with them.

You can see these stages in the dog’s body, of course. You can also see it in their eyes. The puppy’s eyes are full of wonder and excitement. The senior dog has eyes that glow with experience, wisdom, and a deeply developed love for you. Wouldn’t it be fantastic to capture the look in their eyes with a portrait of your beloved pet? Dog photos capture those precious memories and preserve them. Your memory may fade a bit and you may forget exactly how those eyes shone at you in love and devotion. Here in Saskatoon, we can capture the essence of your dog’s personality.

Our Dogs Are Our Family
Our dogs are part of our families. They help us get the kids ready for school. They let us know when the mail comes. They walk beside us, learn our language, obey our silliest tricks, and protect us. What they can’t do is be there our whole lives. It’s important to remember them as they are. Acting now to schedule a pet photography session will give you the best results.

We can probably remember their breed, color, or name. We might forget those little quirks, like the cock of the head or the light in the eyes. Capturing that personality would be a pretty cool idea, right? That’s where dog photography comes in. A professional photographer can find those poses that capture every detail about your pet. Whether you had your dog as a puppy or you adopted an older dog, you can record the events in his or her life with you. You don’t have to worry about vague memories. You can take a look at a photo.

What Dogs Do For Us
Dogs have many chores and talents. Some herd sheep. Some bark when the school bus comes each morning. Some curl up in our laps or stand beside us when we need them. Dogs also help us remain connected to the natural world. They lower our blood pressure. They chase away the blues. They provide unconditional love. During their glorious, messy, faithful years, they give us plenty to laugh about, maybe yell about, and tell stories about. Commemorating them now and for the future is a great gift for yourself or a friend.

What We Do For Our Dogs
We do so much for our pets. We love them as much as they love us, we provide food and shelter, and we throw the ball a hundred times for them. Think of all the vet trips, the midnight worries, and the picking up after our dogs. Don’t forget the moment they learned a new trick or the moment you realized you could read their body language. These are special times not to be forgotten.

You can rely on us her at Saskatoon Pet Photos to capture the image and spirit of your dogs. These photographers have experience working with dogs of all breeds. They understand puppies, “teen” dogs, and the senior companions. They can capture and hold a dog’s attention. They can provide you with beautiful, high-quality dog photos. Whether you prefer an album to page through or a framed print for the wall, our professional services are available with convenient scheduling and ordering.

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