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Book A Beautiful Photo Shoot With Your Pet in Saskatoon!

Whether you own a dog, a cat, a horse, or a bird, we know that your pet is the most adorable creature in existence. Our talented pet photographers can create amazing portraits of any animal in Saskatoon. From playful kittens to loyal pups, we’ll capture the sweetest images of your dear animals so that you can remember them for a lifetime.

​If you love your pet, we’ll capture a photo of them. We specialize in:

We’re also ready to take photos of birds, guinea pigs, and any other furry and feathered companions. We can even capture multiple pets in the same sitting. Call us to discuss your pets and the type of photoshoot that will work best for them.

We’ll help you select and print images that perfectly match what you had in mind whether you’re looking for wallet-sized photos or full-size portraits to hang on your wall,. Talk to us about digital editing, printing, and framing options to get the most out of your photography session.

We’ll also give you a high-resolution digital file for every image in your photo set. When you want to print more copies, don’t scan in a photo; instead, use the digital file to ensure crisp images with pixel-perfect quality. Ask us about backup options to make sure that your digital photo set is always there for you.

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Give Your Pet the Celebrity Experience

We treat every furry model like a celebrity during their photoshoot. Indulge your pet in a day of pampering and attention while we capture their every smile.

We use toys, treats, and experience to get your pet’s attention; once they’re comfortable with the camera, we use proven photography techniques to catch the best shots. Pets of every personality will have a great time modeling for their photo set.

Pet photoshoots are a fun experience for every member of the family. Talk to us about different settings and shoot ideas; we can turn your vision into a picture-perfect reality.

Celebrating Owners and Pets Together

Expect to sit for a few pictures with your pet during the photography session. There’s something special about the relationship pets have with their owners; we can capture this emotion in a stunning family portrait. We’ll take pictures of you holding your pets and playing with them so that you can preserve those memories forever.

Don’t forget to invite the rest of the family to the shoot. Pet portraits with spouses, children, grandparents, and other relatives are a great way to bring the family closer together.

Flexible Hours and Great Prices

Does your cat have more of an evening personality? Will your dog only sit still for twenty minutes? We’ll schedule a sitting at the time and place that works for you and your furry friends.

We can vary the length of the shoot based on your pet’s attention span. Some pets might prefer shorter shoots, while other pets might need longer sittings that give them time to relax. Tell us when you book the sitting if you have any special concerns.

After the shoot, we’ll hold a separate sitting where you can choose the images for your final photo set. We’ll show you our recommendations, and you can select your favorite pictures to keep for a lifetime.​

Relaxed Candids or Thrilling Action Shots

No matter what kind of pet you have, we can capture the heart of their personality. Demure cats love to sit for elegant portraits; playful dogs need action shots that show off their speed and enthusiasm. There’s an art to taking photos that match your pet’s personality. We’ll spend time getting to know your furry friend, and we’ll devise a photo set that works for them. The final set of images will showcase playful faces, loving eyes, and that magical charm that made you fall in love in the first place.

Great Photos Anywhere in Saskatoon

Many pets are most comfortable when photos are taken in a familiar setting. When you book a sitting, we can discuss where and when you would like the photos to be taken. Options include your home, a nearby park, and other public places. Saskatoon has many outdoor areas that offer beautiful backgrounds and breathtaking images.

Outdoor dog photography captures a pup’s energetic nature and explorative spirit. Cats usually prefer indoor photos that show off their gentle nature and beautiful home. Horses can be photographed in their barn, outside, or in any setting that makes them feel comfortable and relaxed.

If you don’t know the best setting for your pet’s photoshoot, talk to us! We’ll be happy to make suggestions based on what we learn about you and your companions.

Capture Special Memories Forever


The first few months with a new puppy or kitten are some of the most memorable. Your little bundle of fluff is growing up fast; capture those moments forever with a new pet photoshoot.

We recommend that you give your new companion a few weeks to get comfortable with your family. Once the bond is firmly established, book a sitting with us; we’ll be happy to take baby pictures of your newest lifelong friend.

On the other hand, letting go of a pet is one of the most difficult things a person can do. A final photoshoot can be a good way to honor your companion during the last months of their life.

Trust our experienced photographers to help you during this trying time. We’ll arrange a priority session with you and your fuzzy friend. Use this opportunity to spend quality time together, and we’ll create portraits that will bring comfort to your family in the years after your loss.

Why You Need a Professional Pet Photographer!


You’ve probably taken countless photos of your fur babies on your phone. These adorable images capture important memories, and you wouldn’t want to live without them.

Professional pet photographers bring your memories to the next level with crisp images, beautiful settings, and innovative shots. Get the action shot that you never thought possible, or hang a perfect portrait of your animals on the wall for all to see. We use our artistic talent to stage amazing photos that will take your breath away.

Pet photography is different from normal photography. They don’t usually like to sit still, and aren’t always fans of flashing lights and studio settings. Our experienced animal photographers know how to help your furry friend relax and have fun during the session.

When you want quality professional photos of your favorite animals, rely on us to provide the best horse, dog, and cat photography in Saskatoon.

Book a Sitting Today!

If you want stunning, high-quality portraits of your favorite animals, call us today to book a sitting. We’ll arrange a session that meets the needs of you and your family. By the time we’re done, you’ll have a collection of beautiful images that truly showcase your pet’s unique personality.

Thank you for choosing us as your pet photography experts. We’re proud to create meaningful experiences that bring people and their animals closer together.​